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Behaviour Awareness Training

All schools in the Ashford district have another opportunity to send their staff members on the Behaviour Awareness and Emotion Coaching Training in term 5. Due to the popularity in term 4, our STLS teachers Amy and Heather would like to offer this training again to any teaching professionals that would like to upskill in this area.

The training course will cover:

  • Factors that influence behaviour and how self-esteem impacts on negative responses

  • Identification, observation and recording behaviours and using these mechanisms in a supportive manner

  • Delegates will learn about co-regulation and the appropriate strategies to support anger responses and crisis management

A child’s ability to manage their emotions can be related to their environment. When they’re unable to regulate and understand their emotions it will cause a strained relationship between the child, their peers and their teaching staff. It can also lead to suspensions from school in some circumstances. By the end of this training session delegates are able to understand the reason children and adolescents experience strong emotions and how to effectively manage these emotions and challenging behaviours.

The course is suitable for all teaching staff within a primary or secondary school. If you are interested and would like more information please contact

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