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Sensory Audit for Schools and Classrooms

The audit is to help staff to assess and create an environment that enables the participation of pupils with autism. It does not cover all aspects, but gives ideas on the ways in which a setting might be altered if pupils experience sensory processing difficulties and find it hard or very anxiety-provoking to tolerate certain sensations or situations.

Sensory Processing Exercise Ideas

Here is a list of exercises a child can do when processing sensory behaviour. Alongside the variation of exercises there's a list of websites and apps full of resources and activities for parents and children to explore

Making Sense of Sensory Behaviour

This document has been designed by occupational therapists that regularly work with parents and carers, exploring sensory issues and implementing strategies and adaptations to help children as they grow. The document gives a deeper understanding into sensory behaviour and ways children, parents and carers can manage this.

Sensory Assessment Checklist

This checklist can be used at in school or at home.

Heavy Work Cheat Sheets for at Home and at School

Below are two cheat sheets with a list of heavy work activities children can do, using physical activity to push/pull/lift something, helping children to feel centred maintain a sense of calm.

AET Field Guide Enabling Environments

The Field Guide provides teachers with strategies and ideas to support pupils to develop their ability and remain focused and regulated in the school environment. Ideas teachers to make changes to the sensory environment to enhance the pupils’ learning experience and support their regulation. The guide also enhances teachers’ understanding of the impact of sensory stimuli in the school environment on the pupils ability to regulate and learn.

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