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What Happens During a SENCO Forum?

Our SENCO Forum is organised termly by the Ashford STLS team, but is also held by other independent communities of people, mainly education professionals, across the area. Every forum focuses around those with a particular interest in special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and our forum has a more localised viewpoint, helping to connect SENCO's within the Ashford district between Secondary and Primary settings.

Most of our attendees are SENCOs (special educational needs coordinators) however we do also have other members of staff from our local Ashford schools attend. Everyone who is involved in SEND is welcome and may find the forums useful, including teachers, assistants and headteachers.

The forum provides opportunities for people to ask questions, offer suggestions, discuss and debate. It also gives our STLS team and the SENCOs that attend a chance to share information and resources, in the field of SEND. It can be a very informal discussion around any barriers some staff members may be facing, utilizing other colleagues' knowledge while enjoying a hot drink and a biscuit.

For upcoming dates of our SENCO forums, please look at our training schedule here: which is updated regularly. Alternatively you can email Lizzie at for any more information.

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