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What can you Expect from 'Supporting Memory Difficulties' Training

Don't miss out on the upcoming training on the 17th May to Support Memory Difficulties of children within your school/classroom. Memory Difficulties causes weakness in their reading, writing and spelling because the child's brain is struggling to recall the abilities to do all this skills whilst juggling everything they're learning in the classroom.

A child that has Memory Difficulties can struggle processing simple tasks and can forget what they've just read or been told. They can also find it difficult to retrieve information they've previously learnt for exams and tests, again, because their brain is unable to juggle the multiple pieces of information they're trying to process.

During this training session Sherrie, our STLS Trainer will go through ways to make appropriate adaptations within your classroom to support the children in your class. Alongside the guidance to make the children's environment more accommodating, Sherrie will also delve deeper into strategies to manage a child's memory skills, retaining children's attention and helping them to work independently and confidently within the classroom environment.

If you or a colleague would like to book a place on this training please contact

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