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Inclusive Education for Refugee and Migrant Children

This toolkit is suitable for EYFS and childcare settings that have migrant or refugee children attending. The downloadable resource guides early years educators and practitioners with a framework, offering ideas and knowledge with play and sensitivity at the forefront of children’s learning, alongside their family support.

The toolkit firstly offers an opportunity to give voice to the hopes, beliefs, and concerns of migrant and refugee children. Second, it identifies relevant and thoughtful themes for practitioners to share with young children in the hope that they can learn together by exploring ideas that expand their repertoire of the possible, and also challenge taken-for-granted assumptions. Third, the toolkit models a process for ECEC staff to engage in positive and strength-based dialogues about the lives of the newly arrived young children.

This creative and inspiring toolkit highlights the enormous potential of listening well to young children about their lives and through the play activities it encourages, successfully realises the authors’ intentions of developing a Froebelian-inspired pedagogy which helps children to connect with their inner self in relation to feelings, lived experiences and thoughts and therefore helps them to understand not only themselves, but the world and people around them.

To download the document please click below:

Download • 1.28MB

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